Action is the Antidote

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Freaked out. Stalled. Anxious. Paralyzed. Shame. These all describe my state of mind sitting in my low rent one-bedroom apartment in 2013 wondering how I’d pay the bills next month. My artwork wasn’t selling well and what’s worse was I was so paralyzed by stress and anxiety that I wasn’t creating any either. This brought on even more shame because I wasn’t doing the one thing that I went to school for and that I claimed to love doing. Honestly though, I didn’t have the mental energy to sit and work on a painting all day in this state. I didn’t see a way out of this nightmare.

One morning I was having a cup of coffee over my back balcony. The sun was coming up over this flat field of Oklahoma grass. Even though it wasn’t a paradise sunrise it sure felt like it to me. In that moment I fell in love with the colors, the light and I was in awe by the majestic yet simple power of it. I started thinking, “I think I could paint that.”  Then I went on with my day of stress, frustration, low energy and desire. That evening before bed I decided to paint the sunrise from my back balcony the following morning.  I got a little 5”x7” canvas, put out my colors and set the alarm.

I got up, got my coffee and sat out in my bathrobe to paint. What happened during and after was complete euphoria. 30 minutes passed and I had this little painting. I didn’t care how perfect it was or wasn’t. I didn’t care that it was little or that I didn’t spend much time on it. Just doing that little painting began to heal my heart and mind from the anxiety and stress that had been wreaking havoc. It also made me want to paint more. So I then set a goal to paint a sunrise for 30 days straight.

What I learned is that action was the antidote to shame and stress. Stay tuned because next week I’ll be sharing more on this topic.

Now that you’ve heard what kept me from painting, I’d love to hear what’s keeping you from painting?

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Love in Light, Kelli

9 thoughts on “Action is the Antidote

  1. Karlene, I’m so happy to hear the Rose series class has been of inspiration to you to paint every day! That is an incredible goal to paint each day. I’m so looking forward to continue seeing you progress!

  2. Maria, You’re so very welcome! It brings me so much happiness that you resonate with my experiences and use it as motivation to keep creating your artwork 🙂 Lots of love to you too!

  3. Hello Kelli
    My biggest stop not to paint are unfinished paintings. It is sort of mental block. I feel I have to finish them before I start the new one. So, I’m postponing the start of new one and won’t get into finishing, etc. Vicious circle which makes me just wanted me to pull my hair out. I have take your advise to learn how to let it go. I’m getting better every day.
    Also I have an eye allergy that keeps me from focusing. Can’t read, can’t paint, can’t really focus. Yack. It comes and goes, but when it comes it really sucks.
    Enough complaining, back to easel, right?
    PS: Pronunciation of my name really sucks, so HEDA is just fine. There is always a struggle at the bank when they try to do so. Ha ha ha

  4. Thank you jes every little step counts. I am sometimes stopped by illness. But now that I have made the canvas course with Alexis Fedor I allwais know a litte step to do. And if it is nit painting than I post something or think who I could call and askthem about my art. Afterward I always feel much better.
    If I am very unmotivated I Corolla thou my Fotos I have collected for Inspiration and mostly there is one that is talking in bright and friendly way to me.

  5. Hello Kelli,
    Thank you so much for this blog. You are so generous with your soul stories. I am stuck like that now. The anxiety of COVID, staying virus free, being isolated so much, the expectations of my family on my painting progress during this time( I’m retired and they think I have nothing to do all day), all of this has brought me to a halt. If it wasn’t for Art Life weekly lessons I would rarely paint. I have started the Artist’s Way and hope this will also show me the way out of my cave.
    I look forward to your Five Day Challenge!! Hooray!
    Love to you ~~ Maria Reed

  6. Thanks Kelli.

    Actually I’ve begun to be a bit unstuck since I’ve started the Master Rose class.
    I’ve been trying to do one each day on 8×8’s.
    But I find they’re taking me more like 2 or 3 days til I feel really OK with them.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what else March offers.

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