The Secret Language of Painting

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One day as I was staring at an art magazine with one of the most BEAUTIFUL paintings I had ever seen, I was entranced by the light, the colors, and the gorgeous petals. I was both in awe and distraught.

I was distraught because I thought I would never be able to paint like that. Painting seemed so complex and difficult… making me feel that only the smartest and most talented must be able to do it. I thought, this man must be a genius! And me? I just don’t have that level of talent or intelligence. 

Nevertheless, I decided to check out an art DVD at the school library of this artist’s painting. I went back to my dorm room and popped it in. Eating my ramen noodles ready to take notes that I figured would be far above my head, I was surprised at how simple it was!

It was like magic, but you could SEE the magic trick being put together. A brushstroke of black here…a highlight of white there…some glow of red here… and VOILA! He had made a grape appear out of thin air in a matter of minutes! 

This is when I realized that there was a simplicity to painting that I had never understood before. A visual language or system that once understood could lead to the creation of beautiful paintings without all the confusion. 

Stay tuned because next week I’ll be sharing more on this topic and inviting you to take part in a special challenge I’m offering for FREE! 

What is it that you’re confused about right now in your painting process?

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Love in Light, Kelli

2 thoughts on “The Secret Language of Painting

  1. Hi Karen! We’ll keep you updated via emails on when the next 5 Day Painting Challenge will be and hopefully you will be able to join us then! 🙂

  2. Will you please do this again soon? I would LOVE to join in but have previous travel commitments for those dates. Thank you!

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