30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting

I decided to write this book because of the many requests I have received from my students over the years.

I know what it’s like to have the desire to create but feel like the teacher is speaking some incomprehensible language, leaving you bewildered. My goal as a teacher is to share what I’ve learned in my own words and ways so that even a beginner (like I once was) will understand. I hope that you enjoy this book and that it truly helps you to create more masterful still life paintings (or any painting for that matter) because this world needs more beauty in it if we are to thrive.

GREAT NEWS! My new Kindle Book 30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting is now an Amazon Best Seller!

Art Life Adventures

It was hot. Darn hot. Join us for tales of Shopska salad, Bulgarian cigarettes, summer heat (did we mention it was hot? ), Michelangelo, art supplies used as frisbees, almost-international incidents, and an evening in Roma. It’s a romantic, funny frolic through our Art Life Adventures.

Join Monte and Kelli as they share their individual and shared stories of going to art school, becoming artists, and falling in love.

“We all dream of things, but we never think those dreams could actually come true. We live in small towns, we have families and friends that don’t share our passions, we see things in a different way. We go through life, one day at a time and, every now and then, once upon a time, something changes. Something happens. It’s a little different and if you go with it, you might find yourself on an adventure. And, boy, if you’re really lucky, you might fall head-over-heels in love.”


ART Your Way Through Life

Can you relate to always feeling “different” than those around you as a creative person? What about putting your heart and soul into your work only to have it criticized, rejected, ignored, or even worse thrown in the garbage?

Maybe you too can relate to once having a dream to be an artist only to get it shot down with only a few seconds of consideration. Do you still have a desire deep inside to thrive artistically, but you keep finding yourself feeling stuck and blocked creatively.

If so, then the ART Your Way Through LIFE process is for you.

This series covers in-color step-by-step demonstrations on four gorgeous fine art florals. Kelli gives you all her go-to color mixtures too! All the fundamentals you need are here. Grab your brushes and paint Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Snapdragons, and Zinnias!

Painting Roses Vol 1

Does painting roses make you want to pull your hair out?

Do you find them intimidating to paint? Do you love painting them, but want to get to the next level of mastery in composing them?

If you answered, yes then this is the series for you! Never again do I want you to be afraid of painting roses. This series walks you through it one step at a time.