30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting (Ebook)


About This Product

I decided to write this book because of the many requests I have received from my students over the years.

A photo of Kelli Folsom

I know what it’s like to have the desire to create but feel like the teacher is speaking some incomprehensible language, leaving you bewildered.

My goal as a teacher is to share what I’ve learned in my own words and ways so that even a beginner (like I once was) will understand.

I hope that you enjoy this book and that it truly helps you to create more masterful still life paintings (or any painting for that matter) because this world needs more beauty in it if we are to thrive.

Ebook Contents

  • Part I – Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • Part II – Composition
  • Part III – Brushstrokes and Paint Quality
  • Part IV – The Three-Legged Technical Stool: Value, Color and Edges
  • Part V – Light and Atmosphere
  • Part VI – Form and Tactile Quality
  • Bonus Tips: Different Genres
  • Bonus Tips: Quantity over Quality
  • Materials List

Amazon Best Seller

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