30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting (Hardcover)


About This Product

“30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting” is an exciting, easy to understand book devoted to still life painting! Throughout the book, author Kelli Folsom tackles most problems artists face. No more confusion about still life composition or how to light your setup. Capture the power of light and shadow, create form and the illusion of depth. Discover brush handling and mixing techniques that will make your painting come alive!”

A still life, if done well, tells a dynamic story of light and form and paint—all converging into a vivid drama,” according to Gregg Kreutz, artist/author of Oil Painting Essentials and Problem Solving for Oil Painters. “[This] collection of her paintings will help beginning and advanced artists.” This impactful book is divided into six sections, including seven demonstrations as well as bonus tips and a materials list. It’s time to start your artistic journey today!


About The Author

Kelli Folsom received a B.F.A. from Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, CT, where she studied traditional life drawing, painting, and sculpture. In “30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting”, Kelli generously shares her knowledge and love of painting.


Book Contents

  • Part I – Setting Yourself Up for Success
  • Part II – Composition
  • Part III – Brushstrokes and Paint Quality
  • Part IV – The Three-Legged Technical Stool: Value, Color and Edges
  • Part V – Light and Atmosphere
  • Part VI – Form and Tactile Quality
  • Bonus Tips: Different Genres
  • Bonus Tips: Quantity over Quality
  • Materials List