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Fall Mums and Porcelain


About This Painting

This painting showcases a vibrant bouquet of flowers gracefully arranged in a delicate jug, resting upon an exquisite table. Each brushstroke brings to life the intricate details of the blossoms, unveiling a rich tapestry of colors and textures. The flowers, in a symphony of hues, range from soft pastels to vivid oranges and deep purples, creating a captivating visual melody.

The composition exudes a sense of tranquility and balance, with the flowers elegantly complementing the surrounding elements. The play of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to the tableau, further enhancing the overall allure of the artwork.

Painting Details


Oil Paint

Canvas Material


Canvas Size

9 inches (h) x 12 inches (w)

Framed Size

14 inches (h) x 17 inches (w)

Frame Note

The frame(s) shown in the preview image are for reference only and may not be sized accurately to the painting.