Autumn Pasture


About This Product

An original landscape on panel.

This exquisite artwork captures the essence of nature’s harmonious symphony, transporting you o a peaceful autumn field enveloped by towering trees and majestic mountains in the distant backdrop.

Vbrant colors and delicate brushstrokes are weaved together, creating a breathtaking scene that invites contemplation and reflection. The rich green hues of the field evoke a sense of rejuvenation and vitality, while the azure sky above instills a feeling of endless possibility.

As you gaze upon this masterpiece, you can almost feel the gentle breeze rustling through the leaves and hear the distant melody of chirping birds. The meticulous attention to detail brings forth a sense of realism, making it easy to imagine yourself strolling through this idyllic landscape.

Product Details


Oil Paint

Canvas Material


Canvas Size

6 inches (h) x 8 inches (w)

Framed Size

11 inches (h) x 13 inches (w)

Frame Note

The frame(s) shown in the preview image are for reference only and may not be sized accurately to the painting.

What is an Oil Sketch?

Traditionally, an oil sketch was an artwork intended as a quick study for a larger commissioned piece. These beautiful oil paintings are often smaller in size than other works and may be completed in less time.