Brass, Onions, and Cobalt Blue Glass


About This Product

An original oil painting of a still life on panel.

In this masterful composition, lemons, onions, and a rustic bucket take center stage, beautifully arranged against a muted background. The artist’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the vibrant hues of the lemons, their textured skin seemingly inviting us to taste their tangy sweetness. The onions, with their earthy tones and delicate layers, add depth and complexity to the scene.

The weathered bucket, worn by time and use, lends a sense of authenticity to the overall composition. Through skillful brushwork and subtle play of light and shadow, the artist captures the essence of a bountiful harvest, inviting viewers to savor the simple pleasures of nature’s offerings.

Product Details


Oil Paint

Canvas Material


Canvas Size

11 inches (h) x 14 inches (w)

Framed Size

16 inches (h) x 19 inches (w)

Frame Note

The frame(s) shown in the preview image are for reference only and may not be sized accurately to the painting.