Graceful Garden Ivory Rose Jewelry Box



About This Product

I’m loving breathing new life into these beautiful antique Italian boxes! For centuries artists have made functional art such as this.
This is a fine art painting on the top done from my imagination. I intuit a design that I feel fits the original character of the box.
Each box comes with a special note from the spirit inside of inspiration.

This is an original painting by Kelli Folsom on an antique wooden box originally made in Italy. Stamped on the bottom.
Painting will be varnished on top for protection and cleaning.

The box is antique and will have flaws or show wear from age and handling.
Although I will touch up some of the missing gold leaf, I don’t want to touch up all of it so as to keep the aged character.
Age: after 1940
Measuring approximately 4.5″x 4.5″ x 2.5″ tall

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Oil Paint