Stroll in Spain


About This Product

An original oil painting of a still life on panel.

This painting captures the essence of a serene village nestled in the Spanish countryside. The painting portrays a quaint street adorned with cobblestones, lined with charming, centuries-old stone houses adorned with colorful flower boxes. The warm sunlight bathes the scene, casting gentle shadows and infusing the air with a sense of tranquility. The distant sound of church bells mingles with the laughter of locals, creating a timeless melody that resonates through the village. This captivating piece invites you to stroll through the picturesque streets, promising an immersive journey into the heart of rural Spain.

Product Details


Oil Paint

Canvas Material


Canvas Size

14 inches (h) x 11 inches (w)

Framed Size

19 inches (h) x 16 inches (w)

Frame Note

The frame(s) shown in the preview image are for reference only and may not be sized accurately to the painting.