Vibrant Freesia and an Apple


About This Painting

A captivating masterpiece that effortlessly blends the beauty of nature and the elegance of still life. The painting showcases a splendid vase brimming with a vibrant bouquet of flowers and a selection of luscious apples.

The vase stands tall and graceful, adorned with intricate patterns that hint at its history and significance. Bursting forth from its open mouth, a profusion of blossoms emanates a symphony of colors, inviting viewers to bask in their kaleidoscope of hues. Delicate petals unfurl, revealing the intricate details of each flower, while slender stems intertwine, creating a harmonious dance of organic forms.

Nestled amidst the blossoms, a cluster of ripe apples adds a touch of earthly delight to the scene. Their glossy skins reflect the warm light, enticing the viewer with their succulent promise. The juxtaposition of the delicate flowers and the sturdy apples creates a delightful contrast, symbolizing the delicate balance between fragility and resilience.

Painting Details


Oil Paint

Canvas Material


Canvas Size

9 inches (h) x 12 inches (w)

Framed Size

16 inches (h) x 19 inches (w)

Frame Note

The frame(s) shown in the preview image are for reference only and may not be sized accurately to the painting.