What People Are Saying About VITAL Art Sessions

Wow! With the deadline looming tomorrow for joining my new online video lesson program we have over 80 members who have decided to join! This is going to be a great kick off to the New Year with so many artists helping each other out and new fresh lesson content every week.

I wanted to remind you that there are only 1 day left to enroll and get the $20 monthly introductory offer for my new VITAL ART SESSIONS, so if you know that it’s right for you please CLICK HERE to enroll.

Enrollment for January- March is open until January 5th, midnight. ENROLLMENT will not open again until April 1st! Don’t worry even if you are out of town a week or two, the videos are always there and available for you to catch up on.

Do you ever go to your easel and you just don’t feel like it? You just don’t have the motivation or know what to paint or maybe you just feel all by yourself and don’t know why it matters for you to paint. We all feel like that when we are alone too much in the studio which is why a program like this is so important to your growth! Even as a professional artist I’m constantly reaching out for new inspiration from other artists. I want to motivate you to continue your painting journey and help you discover more joy in your painting every week. Doing work that nurtures our creative flow as well as easily understood how-to’s are essential to enjoying your painting time more and getting better results. WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER! The bonus of the private Facebook group provides a strong community where you can find like minded friends and get simple tips and tricks from me and others. Already so many members are sharing their work and getting feedback and support from each other and myself.

Do you ever feel so frustrated when you’ve got so much to do throughout the day and you totally intended to pop in that 2 hour art DVD to watch….but once again life got in the way and you ran out of time? Have you invested hundreds of dollars in these products and they just sit on the shelf collecting dust? Or maybe you’ve watched that DVD 100 times and you just tune it out now. Don’t worry – no judgement here- we’ve all done it. That’s why this program is great – you get fresh content every week and the videos are only 20 minutes long! Don’t let that fool you though, they are packed with information. I simply get to the points quickly and explain my process clearly. Each video is focused on a specific topic and hits the major points leaving behind unnecessary information.

I know you may be wondering what benefits this can have for you and you maybe have never taken a class with me so I thought I would share some of the students testimonials:

“I have painted using Kelli Folsom’s online instructional lessons and found them to be very helpful. Accessing the online lessons, and also her online demonstrations, provide an opportunity to paint at my own pace, review portions as needed, and gain tremendous insight into “blind spots” concerning my approach and underlying assumptions sabotaging my results. In addition, Kelli takes the time to present a well-considered plan for each lesson that contains a great deal of substance for both the beginner and seasoned painter. Watching Kelli paint is a joy in and of itself and worth the time it takes to engage with an instructional lesson or demonstration. Anyone applying themselves to Kelli’s process will gain as an artist.”

Carrie Foster

“Honestly, you are by far the BEST art instructor I have ever had the privilege of learning from. You have the incredible gift of demonstrating and communicating your knowledge of art to your students.”

Debbie McCord

“You are so good at explaining things while you paint. You have a wonderful ability to share your knowledge in a way I can understand.”

Carla Templeton

“You communicate your process clearly. Your prices provides an affordable way for students to acquire professional art training.”

James Eakins

These are just a few examples. Carrie, Carla, James and Debbie’s experiences with me are not unique. I simply love to teach and I love to share what I have learned. No matter what level you are at I want to help you grow in your art and take it to another level.

So if you’re ready to join this inspiring and motivating community please CLICK HERE TO ENROLL FOR THE FIRST QUARTER just $20!

Click here to watch the intro and preview videos.

CLICK HERE for the special $20 introductory rate only available here and expires tomorrow night January 5th midnight.

This price will be locked in for all of 2018 when you sign up now.

I look forward to seeing you in the group!

Much Love & Happy Painting,
Kelli Folsom

P.S. The deadline to sign up for this semester is TOMORROW! So click here to enroll.

P.P.S. This membership is especially great for people who have technology fears. Most of us know how to check email or have a Facebook account and that’s all you need to take advantage of this program!

P.P.P.S. If you do not have PayPal please email me and request a different invoice

Love in Light, Kelli

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