What is your commitment level?

On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to your art path? I hope you said 10 because that’s really the only level of commitment that works.

When we have one foot in and one foot out, it allows us to have a reason to fail, to quit and to play the victim. If you’re finding yourself in any of these states it’s because you’re not 100% committed.

Is you’re wobbling on your commitment, what could you do to strengthen it?

An original oil painting of a still life titled Amber and Mandarin by Kelli Folsom
Amber and Clementine
Oil on panel, 9″ x 12″

What would allow you to be totally committed and not look back?

I can tell you that this is what will get you through the hard times. For me, I had a huge financial commitment of $100,000 that forced me to follow through in art school. That debt burden afterward forced me to also make my art business a success so I could pay it off. For me, there was no plan B, but I could see how there could have been easily during the hard times if my commitment wasn’t rock solid.

The easiest person to fool is ourselves – so don’t! Own up to where you truly are and course-correct if needed. Opportunities come when you’re committed to acting on your dreams.

Love in Light, Kelli

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