The Best Advice I Have Ever Received

I guess it wasn’t really advice, but a question. 

Have you noticed how questions really get you ….well questioning things? 

Don’t ask them unless you’re really ready for a change. 

The question was, “Kelli, if you could do anything,  nothing standing in your way, all things possible, what would you most love to do?” 

I was 28 and at the time I was trying to make a decision that would be affecting the next twenty to forty years of my life. Okay drama queen, maybe at the very least the next 4 years of my life. Soooo clarity was pretty important.

I was about to settle for something that I know now would have been so unfulfilling for me. 

This question shocked me out of the apathetic, mediocre, settle for less, beg for scraps from the table, not worthy of much of anything mindset I was in at the time.  

My answer through a flowing stream of tears was, “I would be an artist.” 

Then of course came all the reasons I couldn’t do that, which of course the questioner didn’t let me get away with. I knew that day that it would happen or I was at least going to try my damndest to make it happen. 

Anytime I feel stuck or confused about what’s really important or what direction I need to go I remind myself of that question. 

It clears my head and gets me to my truth. I know if I follow that truth everything else will work out. 

Now I ask you, If all things were possible what would you most love to do or see happen? 

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Love in Light, Kelli

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