Movin’ On Up!

“Beauty belongs to life, but is immortalized in art.”
-Leonardo Da Vinci-

There’s nothing like a pandemic quarantine to make you realize how IMPORTANT your environment can be! I’ve definitely been feeling the strain of mine over the last few months.

A photo of artist Kelli Folsom holding her original oil painting on panel of a floral still life of sunflowers in confit jar with lemons.
Kelli Folsom with her painting Standing Tall to Find the Light

Research has shown that your environment has a BIG impact on your mental health. The condition of your environment can either reduce or increase stress, motivation to act, and the ability to focus on your goals. Maybe this is why spring cleaning and straightening up makes us feel so much better. It’s also why a great view out the window and plants in the home can elevate your quality of life. Aesthetic beauty can reduce our emotions of stress and anxiety by roughly 30%.

About 2 weeks ago I looked around at my tiny apartment cluttered up and no views to speak of and said, “Can’t I do better than this?”

So we’ve decided to move!
We’re movin’ on up! Cue The Jefferson’s Theme Song!
Not to a new state or anything, but to a new home.

When we moved here to Denver, Monte was looking for work and I was struggling to get by in my art business. So we chose a place to live based on our financial circumstances at the time. 3 years later and we’re STILL HERE! It’s funny how we can just settle in and accept a not-so-great situation JUST because we get used to it. We also tend to find every excuse in the book to keep everything the same.

One of my excuses has been the pain of moving and how I don’t have time to deal with that. However, the PAIN of painting, teaching, and living in this apartment and neighborhood is a bigger PAIN that I’ve tried to ignore for months. The COST on my well being, energy, and inspiration has been too HIGH!

I’ve always been the type to count my blessings and be grateful because I know so many are far worse off than I am. I’ve been in their shoes too, BUT when you can do better- DO BETTER! That may mean moving, renovating a room, redecorating, cleaning, organizing, letting go of things that no longer serve you well, and finding new things that inspire you in your space.

Many of us struggle with feeling like we DON’T DESERVE nice things. This has been a tough one for me to overcome. I’m working to overcome that old story. The truth is when our environment uplifts us we’re better able to serve others and show up stronger because we’re energized and inspired.

I’m so EXCITED about where we are moving to! It’s a high rise apartment in a lovely neighborhood in Denver with AMAZING views! We’ll be on the eighteenth floor and one look outside those apartment windows with all the beautiful clouds and sky had me in tears. IMMEDIATELY I imagined waking up to that view, seeing it out my studio window, watching and painting the miraculous SUNRISE every morning!
(some of you know how much I love sunrises from my sunrise series some years back)

I know without a doubt, I’m going to be a better artist and teacher because of this environment.

I encourage you all to please make the changes you need in order to be more INSPIRED and ENERGIZED! We only get this one life so there’s no time for settling for less. YOU DESERVE IT! I pray even in this crazy time that you can open up to the miracle that is your life and stop settling for scraps from the table.

So to CELEBRATE, I’m doing a HUGE MOVING SALE this week on my paintings! It includes still life, landscape, figurative, and sketches that are marked down. Even some of my newest works are included in this!

I’m so super excited to be offering selected paintings at 60% OFF for a special Movin’ On Up Sale!
This sale ends on Friday, July 10th, so if you’re curious to see what paintings are included just CLICK HERE!

Can’t afford it right now? Get a payment plan and get your painting later in 2020.

Payment Plans are available on ALL of these paintings! Your choice of 3-7 months’ payments on any painting or paintings will be available at the touch of a button ON THE WEBSITE. You’ll get your painting after your payment plan is complete.

An original oil painting of a still life titled Homage to La Tour by Kelli Folsom
Spring Buttercups, oil on panel

Love in Light, Kelli

One thought on “Movin’ On Up!

  1. Kelli,
    I’d be delighted to put the balance for the Chrysanthemums Painting on my credit card so you could send it to me now…. especially if it would be helpful to have one less painting to move…. don’t know how deep you’re into the move… what would work best for you?!
    Big Hugs

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