Announcing NEW Tutorial Published in the International Artist Magazine!

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It’s been my dream to help other artists achieve their goals and improve their painting skills. I’ve been incredibly honored this last year to have a four-part series on Mastering Still Life Painting.

The final installment of the four part series is finally here! This one is a step by step tutorial on painting a rose. I created this specifically to help you avoid the anxiety of painting roses. In it I break down the intimidating complexity of the rose.

Painting roses can be a trauma-inducing experience when you’re first starting out. Students tell me all the time about how scared they are of painting roses. Boy, can I sympathize! I remember being a few years into art school and still refusing to even attempt a rose painting because they were so intimidating. I thought, I can barely paint an orange or an apple! How can I dare to attempt a rose? It makes sense to avoid them I guess if you haven’t yet understood how to paint a simpler object.

But 10 years later and after a ton of rose practice, I now understand how to paint a rose. Trauma free no less. Yes roses are a challenge at first and it does take a lot of practice to get better at them, but I hope to make it easier on you with this new tutorial!

You can grab this tutorial in the February issue of the International Artist Magazine. As well as grab the last 3 past issues to get the complete set of tutorials.

Go here to subscribe and get your copies:
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Love in Light, Kelli

2 thoughts on “Announcing NEW Tutorial Published in the International Artist Magazine!

  1. I would really like to order this issue with the featured tutorial of Kelly Folsom. Please send me the issue numbers so I order the correct one.
    So excited!
    Thank you!
    Susan Guthrie

  2. I thought I ordered this issue. Instead I got an issue from 2018. What a ripoff. Please tell me the issue numbers so that I can offset them.
    Thank you

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