Who are you working for?

Let’s talk motivation for a sec. 

What motivates you to do what you do? 

Knowing WHO are you actually working for is a huge motivator when times get hard.

As an artist, the path isn’t always easy. We all get blocked. The inspiration well runs dry. It happens. You can feel angry or depressed (both signs of a blocked artist). You can lose your joy. You can lose your focus. Especially when you start getting lost in the weeds of self-doubt. 

Trying to be an artist with self doubt is like you’re trying to swim to the other side of the pool with a ball and chain weighing you down. You’re barely staying afloat and you look around and everyone else is reaching the finish line with ease. 

Thirteen years making art and nine of those years working as a full time artist and I’m still not 100% immune to the self doubt goblin. 

But I’ve found some ways of working through it faster. So I’m gonna share it with you now. 

The main way for me is to know WHO I’m doing all this for. 

Who are you doing it for? Who do you not want to let down and disappoint? Who do you want to be an example to? Who do you need to be able to hold your head up high with pride that you’re a warrior and you never gave up? 

This could be a child, a grandchild, a spouse, a parent.

Or YOU. All that matters is you find your WHO. So that when you’re blocked, tired, distracted, low on passion, dedication, determination, and steam…

You can connect back to your WHO and do it for them. 

My WHO is my twelve year old self. 

The girl who was wicked smart, funny, imaginative, and loving. But who had little prospects of living an inspired life. Let alone reaching her full potential. 

The little girl that was rejected by her own father. 

The girl who was wrecked feeling like she was unloveable, unimportant, underestimated, unwanted. In the way. 

The twelve year old skinny, freckle-faced, crooked teeth girl who carried a huge weight of pain in her heart. 

Not much was expected of her except to be a good girl and get married one day. Maybe have a good job. 

The one who loved making art, but didn’t know you could be an artist as an adult. The girl who got so excited about an art school brochure at sixteen, but got told no. 

But I’m committed to her. I owe her everything she was denied. I fight for her when self-doubt tries to needle its way back in. I make art for her. I travel the world for her because she dreamed of places beyond her small town. 

I forge a path for her in this contemporary world of being an artist. I build my business for her to show her there’s abundance available since all she knew was lack. 

I stay inspired, grateful, and joyful in the work for her because she deserves that. She deserved to be happy and living  her best life. 

So I choose to say no to drama and dread. I choose to be tenaciously optimistic even when she wants to feel sad or mad. 

So who’s your WHO? 

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below or shoot me an email! 

Remember, life is full of beauty and inspiration if you look for it. 

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Love in Light, Kelli

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