Finding Your Artistic Voice is back after two years! This is the only offering of it this year. Get signed up TODAY. Here’s why I created this course.

Are you ready to find your artistic voice?

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You might be wondering what the heck is an artistic voice anyways, Kelli?

Is it my style, is it what I paint, why I paint, the process I enjoy creating with? Yes. It’s all of those things rolled into one and so much more! All of these elements combine to create your personal artistic voice.

You might be like I was back in the day. You’re working hard at your craft, improving your skillset, and you keep taking art lessons… but there’s still some confusion about where you’re headed with your art.

Maybe you don’t even call yourself an artist yet to your friends and family, even though you’ve been working hard at your craft and you’ve gotten so much better.

I totally understand! This is something I struggled with too when I enrolled in art school fourteen years ago. All they taught were the skills of HOW to paint. Every day was spent studying values, drawing, color mixing, and art history. All of that is important, but after a couple of years, I was still confused as to WHY I wanted to be an artist or even WHAT I felt most drawn to create.

Everyone kept telling me I needed to find my style, but there was never any help to do so.

This mysterious STYLE seemed so elusive and frankly sometimes gimmicky. I’d see other artists say they found their style and what I saw was a trick or stylistic gimmick they came up with to try and set themselves apart from all the other artists. I felt intuitively that was not going to fulfill me. So I was left confused and floundering.

I liked so many different styles, techniques, and genres. I was drawn to SO much. Some of which I knew I didn’t have the personality or DNA to do. Like highly photographic rendered figure drawings. I loved that art, but I was not the kind of artist who could be so precise or focus for 80 hours on a drawing. No way Jose! I was left to ponder what does that mean? Why do I love that kind of art, but know it’s not going to be MY art.

Can you relate?

I’d try this and that, but never really knowing if I was on the right path. Everyone told me to be confident, but they never told me HOW to be confident in my work. They never helped me understand what was preventing me from finding that confidence. In a huge ocean of artists, somehow everyone else seemed like they were the REAL artists and I was just pretending.

I was determined to find my answers though. To find MY VOICE. Over the years I put myself through all kinds of exercises, asked myself soul-searching questions, and read so many books to help me with my artistic struggles. I knew I could get to know my artistic voice if I just tried to unearth it inside of me.

And it IS in there my friends. You too can find your voice.

Because I struggled so much with this and I’ve watched other talented artists struggle with it to the point of total self-sabotage, I decided to put together a course called Finding Your Artistic Voice a couple of years ago.

It’s a course of self-discovery that is exciting, healing, and fulfilling.

You’ll have such a stronger idea of who you are as an artist and the path you want to follow moving forward. It’s the one thing that most schools and mentors don’t help us with, but it’s the one thing that matters the most for our success. Every artist that’s taken it has had major breakthroughs and self-discoveries they never expected to have!

I’ve gotten so busy with my teaching I haven’t been able to offer this for 2 whole years! Now I’m bringing it back (possibly one last time) and definitely the ONLY offering of it this year.

So if you think this is at all for you I highly recommend you go check it out and get registered. Class size is limited to give personal attention to each student as needed.

We begin August 16th, but you can go at your own pace and you’ll have LIFETIME access to the content should you need it.

My sincere hope is for you to find your voice and have the most fulfilling art life ever!

Enrollment doors CLOSE soon on August 15th. Learn more and enroll here:

Love in Light, Kelli

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