Action is the Antidote

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Freaked out. Stalled. Anxious. Paralyzed. Shame.

These all describe my state of mind sitting in my low rent one-bedroom apartment in 2013 wondering how I’d pay the bills next month.

My artwork wasn’t selling well and what’s worse was I was so paralyzed by stress and anxiety that I wasn’t creating any either. This brought on even more shame because I wasn’t doing the one thing that I went to school for and that I claimed to love doing. Honestly, though, I didn’t have the mental energy to sit and work on a painting all day in this state. I didn’t see a way out of this nightmare.

One morning I was having a cup of coffee over my back balcony. The sun was coming up over this flat field of Oklahoma grass. Even though it wasn’t a paradise sunrise it sure felt like it to me.

In that moment I fell in love with the colors, the light, and I was in awe by the majestic yet simple power of it.

I started thinking, “I think I could paint that.”  Then I went on with my day of stress, frustration, low energy, and desire.

That evening before bed I decided to paint the sunrise from my back balcony the following morning.  I got a little 5”x7” canvas, put out my colors, and set the alarm.

I got up, got my coffee, and sat out in my bathrobe to paint.

What happened during and after was complete euphoria.

30 minutes passed and I had this little painting. I didn’t care how perfect it was or wasn’t. I didn’t care that it was little or that I didn’t spend much time on it. Just doing that little painting began to heal my heart and mind from the anxiety and stress that had been wreaking havoc. It also made me want to paint more. So I then set a goal to paint a sunrise for 30 days straight.

An oil painting of a sunrise

What I learned is that action was the antidote to shame and stress. Stay tuned because next week I’ll be sharing more on this topic.

Now that you’ve heard what kept me from painting, I’d love to hear what’s keeping you from painting?

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Love in Light, Kelli

One thought on “Action is the Antidote

  1. What keeps me from painting, besides the clean up, is not actually having a place to paint.
    That and an utter sense of failure. I’ve come so close to giving away all my art supplies, it’s only my husband who makes me keep them. He believes one day I will go back to it. I come very close, at times, and still can’t put brush to canvas. The most like reason is because I know how much my paintings suck.

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