More time in Nature and My Landscape Influences

Happy fall my friend!

I can’t believe we’re in the middle of October already. Where did the time go?

The leaves are changing more and more every day, it’s getting colder, and the days shorter. I feel the clock ticking louder and louder as I try to hold on to some warm painting days as long as possible before fall leaves.

So this week I spent some more time in nature. And it was perfect! Well except for the wind at the lake. Ha ha! Monte and I had planned on painting at this lake all day, but the wind was so unbearable. So we could only get one sketch in. Sometimes that’s how it goes with plein air painting. 

Rather than give up all together we decided to drive down to the south part of Denver to the Platte River in Littleton, Colorado.  There was certainly no wind at all down there. I haven’t painted this spot in a couple of years and it was so serene and beautiful. 

After we had a romantic picnic lunch, watched the remaining butterflies of the season, and the quiet babbling of the low river we set up to paint this idyllic scene.

This was my favorite painting of the day.

I love painting those fluffy white clouds and reflections in still water have to be a favorite.

I guess I just like reflections whether it’s in a still life or a landscape. 

Before I sign off today I wanted to share a couple of my plein air painting influences. I love both of these artist’s work and hopefully, they’ll inspire you too. 

The first is Arthur Streeton. He was an Australian artist living in the early 1900s.

His scenes always remind me of areas I’ve lived in the plains of Texas and Oklahoma.

An oil painting of a rural scene with a river

And now the rolling dry hills next to the Mountains in Colorado.  

My next influence is a Russian artist Issac Levitan who lived during the late 1800s.

This man could paint anything and he did! From gray days to bright fall scenes like this one.

His field sketches are incredibly raw and powerful. His use of shapes striking and choices of composition are often rather odd yet very interesting.  

An oil painting of a rural scene with a river

If you’d like to see more of their works you can do so here:

Wishing you all a Happy Fall! 

Love in Light, Kelli

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