How I do it all without burnout

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People ask me a lot about how I maintain a balance between work (business side) and being creative. How do I keep that inspiration, motivation and passion alive? Especially with so many things going on in the world, worries, concerns, and day-to-day life tasks?

Maybe you’ve heard that scripture in the Bible that says, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I would add that when the flesh is weak the spirit is weak. Because when you give into the weakness in your body and willpower day after day- not doing your work you set out to do then your spirit gets weaker and weaker and weaker. And therefore your desire to create will get weaker and weaker too.

You can see how serious the negative impact of this cycle is. That’s why for me NOT doing what I said I wanted to do is as serious as a DEATH sentence. 

As human beings, we have free will.  We have a choice and we have a buffet of things to choose from – to think about, to worry about, to fear about. We can get caught up in anxiety about the future, the future of our families, the future of the world, or the future of our country. 

We can get caught up in thinking depressing thoughts about past regrets, what if’s, should have’s, and why didn’t that happen. The mind runs rampant. It’s a WONDERFUL tool and a terrible master. 

I don’t have to be a slave to my thoughts. I can be in charge of what I think and I can choose my thoughts deliberately. Because thoughts create the quality of my life. 

Maybe you’ve heard of another scripture that says. “whatever things are true, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are pure, think on these things.”

And I believe the reason for that is because whatever we think creates our emotions and actions and therefore our reality. 

So I’m very careful to monitor my thoughts, emotions, and actions. I’m very careful about what I put into my mind and who I spend time with.  I know whatever I put in will come back out. 

Just like the food we eat. If I put garbage in, I’m gonna get garbage out.  That’s a law of life.  You can’t create something beautiful from garbage. So every day I do my best to not put garbage in. Either garbage or my own making or garbage of others make.

I take radical responsibility for my life.  I recognize I am the only one responsible for my reality, for my feelings, for my thoughts, for my energy.  I take that responsibility seriously.  

Every day I put in good thoughts and feelings.  Feelings of hope, love, and gratitude. Feelings of self-appreciation, feelings of joy, feelings of excitement and fun. Feelings of patient anticipation, success, feelings of helping others, feelings of positive impact. 

Because the truth is putting these thoughts in takes just as much energy and effort that thinking negatively does. Every day I aim to never think a negative thought. Especially about myself – EVER.  Most everyone is so mean to themselves. I was too for most of my life. We need to love ourselves more and praise ourselves so much more. 

So instead of watching the news and getting worried and anxious, I would rather read my vision for my future and read my affirmations for the day. 

I think about what I can do that I could be proud of today or who I can serve a little better today. So that I maintain energy, passion, and joy for my work. That’s how I maintain balance from the hard work running an art business and supporting myself financially while having the joy of creating my art. 

I  see no separation between any of it. It’s all in the service of the greater good of love and beauty. That’s my mission in this life and I work in service of it and fight for it daily.  

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Love in Light, Kelli

4 thoughts on “How I do it all without burnout

  1. Oh wonderfull and so true. Thank you. Imho ist the Same war and i am a happy and sucsesfull Woman an d Artist. ONCE i do have bad thoughts i ask myself are they the only possible Truthahn? What Else may i think about the same theme. Ist is so good to know you and i learn a lot.
    Yours Zita Schlegel

  2. Kelli, you are right, each one of us is given a mission an assignment and for an artist it’s sometimes tough because we don’t really have a cheering section. So we have to be our own cheering section and keep on keeping on. Negative thoughts stop the creative process in many ways . We need to keep going always have something on your easel. Something you’re finishing or a blank canvas to start a new painting, never allow the easel to be empty.

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