Calling all collectors!

To my dear art collectors, supporter, and friends, 

Today I’m writing to you all with such deep gratitude and appreciation. Thank you so much to all of you who gave many of my beloved paintings a forever-loving home last weekend in my Black Friday sale!

It’s such an honor to have my work hanging in your beautiful homes. I know that there’s so many things you could choose to buy this holiday season. And you chose to support me and my artwork. That means the world to me! 

Each painting is crafted with the love of beauty and the respect of the history of artists who have come before me. Each painting is original and there’s no other painting exactly the same in the world like the ones you’ve purchased. 

This being an artist thing hasn’t always been easy. Especially being a female in a male-dominated art system. And that’s why my gratitude is even deeper for each and every one of you that supports my work. 

I’m also grateful to be able to help guide other women artists to success as well. To be able to teach them the skills they need to paint, but also to find their artistic voice, and then to grow their own art businesses by going pro. 

Together we’re helping promote and preserve beautiful representational art for future generations. We’re also helping women artists succeed! Because when you help me succeed I’m able to help other female artists succeed too. 

For several years now I’ve taken a portion of the proceeds from my art sales and sponsored a $500 art award for the Women Artists of the West organization. I’m honored to be able to do that again this year. 

For Giving Tuesday I’ll also be donating to the American Women Artists organization. I believe in these organizations for women artists because they help give us opportunities for our work to be exhibited, awarded, and appreciated in an art system that’s still male-dominated. 

So again thank you so much for your generous support of my work. I hope your new paintings uplift your spirit and your home for years to come! 

And for those of you who aren’t able to start your collection yet stay tuned because more AMAZING holiday sales and surprises are around the corner. 

Be sure to join my collector’s circle email list as every week I’ll be giving away free holiday prizes! 

Happy holidays everyone. 

P.S. Congratulations to our Thanksgiving Giveaway winner, Sheila S!

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Love in Light, Kelli

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