The Tale of 2 Cows

This is the tale of 2 cows. Enjoy 😉 

Every day on my way to visit the Denver Art Museum I see these 2 giant cow sculptures.

Today, as Monte and I were strolling by them there was a….shall we say possibly “influenced” person (he was definitely on something) that shouted out at us,


I was put off by this drive-by art debate and had no response. 

Monte on the other hand answered, 

“Nope. I think it’s ugly. I don’t like cows. Especially giant ones.”

Monte’s pretty much up for an art debate anywhere he can get it. 

Then the man shouted at the next woman walking…


(He’s at least consistent I guess.) 

She said yes and he chased her down the sidewalk trying to talk to her about the cows. 

But every day I see people sitting on these cows, admiring the cows, taking selfies with the cows, smoking pot on the cows, and making out on the cows. 

People just love them! 

Personally, I can’t understand the appeal. Cows have always scared me. I grew up with them. Their big slobbery faces and empty stares as they chased us in the pickup truck after the salt lick…just frankly freaked me out. 

So I just don’t get the appeal. And guess what? 

That’s okay! Everyone has different reasons for liking or disliking art. 

It truly is a matter of perception and personal taste. And in my case, it’s interesting how my life has influenced my taste. 

I guess everyone really is a critic! We all have our own critical (discerning) eye and that’s what makes us…well, us

Often I see art like that and wish I could create something that crowds of people would gather around to enjoy everyday, but I just can’t bring myself to sculpt two humongous cows. 

So I’ll keep painting what I love! 

I’m curious, what do you think of the two cows? 

Love in Light, Kelli

5 thoughts on “The Tale of 2 Cows

  1. Personally I don’t like the sculptures. Although I do find it interesting the sculptor decided to cast these. Which was no easy undertaking I’d imagine considering the size of them.. But to me it’s a spectacle of novelty and amusement. Most of what is considered contemporary ” public art ” is a spectacle with a paragraph or two attached. This is just entertainment for most people. I guess if you’re more sensitive like myself you’d want something more thoughtful, more poetic to elevate us from our daily lives. That is the duty of ” public art ” or at least what it used to be in the historical sense. And sculptures of animals can be thoughtful, even poetic so don’t get me wrong. Edwin Blashfield painted the most beautiful and inspiring oxen in America. Representationally Denver’s cows are monumental, the single attribute the sculptor hit right in this commission of ” public art ” in my opinion. But I’m done knocking these cows. I hope whoever are enjoying them while they’re stoned or biking right on by. Kelli, I’d challenge you to someday shoot for a public art project at whatever scale. You’re talented enough and I’m sure lot of people would flock to it. – C

  2. Do not care for them since I can only see the image but I do not think I would like the real thing since there does not appear to be a significant meaning. Just cows. A majestic elk would be more suiting for a giant icon of Colorado!

  3. I don’t have any real feelings one way or the other about the cows but your thoughts made me think of when I was at The Cleveland Art Museum last month. I know everyone has their own taste but I would really like to know who determined what works, from ALL of the works around, were regarded as GREAT ART? Great enough to be in a museum for decades. Great enough for the whole world to regard it as great. I see pieces that, frankly, leave me scratching my head. I’ve seen better pieces from both an aesthetic and technically sound perspective by fellow artists I know personally. I know no one has the definitive answer to this as it is very complex since art IS so subjective. I need to study more about Art History I guess. Thanks, Kelli!

  4. Hi Kelli,
    Ok, so I have to confess…I love the cows.:). I never really thought that much about cows, even though I used to spend time in the summer with my great uncle whom had a dairy farm; but then, one year my older sister rescued a calf and took it to her home in the country. That little calf followed her around like a puppy, and quite frankly acted like one. Since then, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for them. Oh, by the way, I still love steak too.

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