How to Get Through a Covid Christmas with Joy and Hope

Plan for a positive future.

Right now I can’t go to my beloved Paris or anywhere for that matter. You’d think thinking about Paris would be depressing. But for me, it’s the exact opposite. You see one day I actually want to live in Paris. At least for a year. So I’ve bumped that dream up to as soon as possible after Covid ends. I spend time looking at apartments for rent and saving them in my favorites tab. I even found one with a rooftop terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Ooh, la la! I daydream about painting the Seine and daily visits to the Louvre. I plan how I’ll run my business while I’m there and all the new Paris paintings and courses I’ll be able to create.

A photo of an original oil painting on panel of a still life painting of a Delft Blue Vase and a plate of pears by Kelli Folsom.

Planning for this future is giving me so much hope and so much to look forward to. I’ve made it an inevitable reality by planning for it. It may be impossible to spend Christmas or take that annual trip abroad with your friends and family.  So for you, it might be planning and dreaming up a big family trip when Covid is over at your favorite vacation spot. 

Focus on others.

Generosity breeds gratitude and it’s as contagious as Covid. It could be putting some extra love into your Christmas gifts this year, feeding the homeless, writing notes to those in nursing homes. It could be ordering out every week from local restaurants to help them survive.  It could be starting a new project or service that helps others. For me, it’s teaching, doing free demonstrations, big discounts on my work, and lifting up my community. We need generosity right now more than ever. How can you put more love, care, and intention into what you do for others? 

Self-care practice.

I don’t mean baths and pedicures. I’ve even dropped off on my at-home mani-pedis. The struggle is real y’all. If you’ve been loaded down with care for others this is especially important.

I’m finding what’s more important is the practice of self-forgiveness. I’ve drawn a line in the sand about feeling bad about myself. Who needs that this year? Many times a week if I have negative or disappointing thoughts about myself I say, “I’m willing to forgive myself”. It’s okay. Let’s move forward. 

Another practice I’m finding critical is not doing anything! It’s so hard for me to do that. Sitting by the fire with some hot apple cider and watching the moonrise fills me with gratitude. Few people get to have that luxury right now. I’m a doer, a hard worker, go fast and get it done kind of gal. It’s how I was raised. Slowing down can be like eating my spinach. But when we go, go, go we have to ask ourselves what we’re running from? Enjoying a beautiful song, doing a guided meditation, or wrapping presents as slow and lovingly as I can is a healing balm. 

On that note soaking up my wins and victories is also difficult. I tend to move fast and my mind is already at the next milestone before this one is even complete. It’s the way that I am. Again no judgment- it’s Covid! But I’m trying to enjoy my wins deeper and longer.

I’m also rewarding myself with special gifts as part of self-care. Approaching the end of this crazy year if you’re still standing, healthy, sane, loving, kind and generous then you deserve something special. If you did the hard things and kicked butt in the midst of all this you deserve a gold medal!

I don’t know about you but it’s so much easier for me to give to others than to myself. But again I’m learning and practicing. Because rewards and celebrations are so important to make accomplishments stick. So, go for it! Buy a bottle of champagne, jewelry, that favorite art supply, book, painting, or whatever it is that feels special and rewarding to you. For me, I’ll gift all the above to myself. 😉

My heart goes out to you and all you’ve been struggling with. I hope some of these suggestions may help you a little bit. For those of you who’ve lost a friend or loved one this year, I’m so sorry for your loss.

I’m wishing you all a happy holiday season. May it be a happy, healthy one, and filled with hope and joy! 

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Love in Light, Kelli

4 thoughts on “How to Get Through a Covid Christmas with Joy and Hope

  1. Love this! It speaks to my heart. I have no doubt you will make it to Paris, you are a person who makes stuff happen. I will be here, stateside, when that happens, cheering you on. Until then keep planning and spreading your love of painting.

  2. Living in Paris will be expensive. You need a roommate to share the cost! Yes, I’d love to, and I speak French!!! Hahaha. Wow great dream, I would also love to spend a year in France, though I might pick Provence instead. Maybe I will start thinking seriously about doing this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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