No Christmas Spirit? Advice on How to Create Some Christmas Cheer This Year

If ever we needed a creative Christmas it’s this year.

As Christmas is ramping up so is the pandemic. Many people that I talk to say they’re having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Understandably so! This year is just so weird and freaking hard as hell to be honest. I’m sure the majority of us have a really bad case of Covid fatigue. 

It’s hard to project forward into the future and realize that these are hard times but this too shall pass. Covid is just temporary. We don’t know how temporary, but it is temporary. 

A photo of an original oil painting on panel of a still life painting of red roses in an ivory vase.
Crimson and Ivory, 16″ x 12″

In these hard times it can be difficult to rally that jolly Christmas spirit. 

When you can’t go see your family or have festive drinks with friends, you can’t go do half the stuff you normally do at Christmas time. 

Frankly it sucks. 

You may want to give up and forget about Christmas. I know I have from time to time.

You may be angry, disappointed, depressed and want to just curl up in a ball until this is all over.

But if ever we needed Christmas spirit it’s this year! 

It’s easy to get frustrated at things not going our way. It’s easy to take out that frustration on other people. I’ve already seen so much ugliness just doing my grocery pick up. Full confession: I’ve behaved badly myself many times.  I know we’re all feeling bad and stressed out, but we’re better than that. We need to show each other kindness, love, and generosity. 

So how can you rally your creative spirit? How can you spread Christmas cheer like never before? How can you be more generous this year than ever before? 

Generous not just with money or gifts, but with your love, time, attention, and joy.

Because all emotion is contagious negative or positive. It’s important to realize that we’re all going through this together. This is not an individual experience. It’s not just happening to me or to you. It’s happening to everybody in our country and almost everyone in the world.

 can do our part to not only lift our own spirits but to also help lift others up that’s Christmas so how can you get creative this Christmas? We’ve been adapting by trying to do things the same way, only going virtual. So yes open Christmas presents via zoom. But It’s not about doing a virtual version of the norm. We must adapt more creatively. We must do more than ever before. I know you know already what you could do. All of us know the answer inside. The hero in us may be tired, but it’s still there. We can do the hard things.  You have a special something that you can contribute to your community, family, and friends this Christmas. 

Here’s some ideas I had to get the ball rolling. If you’ve got a great one to add please leave it in the comment section below. We need all the creativity we can get on this:

  • Our delivery drivers are worn out due to a pandemic Christmas already. Show your appreciation to them by giving them treats, water, Christmas notes of thanks, or gift cards. 
  • Did you use to make cookies for the whole family? Well you can still do that and ship it to them. Also make more and leave them on every doorstep in your neighborhood with an inspiring Christmas note. 
  • Forget e-cards this year. Send a REAL card in the mail and tell the recipient how you really feel about them. 
  • Sign up to give gifts to those in need at nursing homes, mental health facilities, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. 
  • Do you have a creative gift? Painting, knitting, flower arranging? There’s nothing better than receiving something handmade and beautiful for Christmas. Ramp up your production and start delivering your gifts now. 
  • If you’re in business, give the biggest discounts you’ve ever given. Give things away for free. *I’ll be doing both next week! 
  • Send gifts of appreciation and support to our healthcare workers who are still on the front lines and risking their lives. 
  • Decorate your house up like never before! Buy that special Christmas dress anyway. even if there’s no party to go to. 
  • Go to the Nutcracker or symphony right in your own home. Order in, get dressed up, have intermission wine anyway. 
  • Listen more, smile more, say thank you more. 

I’m wishing you all a very merry Christmas this year. Thank you all so much for all the loving kindness you show me everyday. Thank you for supporting my work. Every painting sale keeps me painting full time and filling our homes and lives with beauty.

I’ll be having a Christmas GIVEAWAY very soon!! I’ll be giving an original Kelli Folsom oil painting (size 9×12 or under) to a member of my Collector’s Circle in a couple of weeks. It’s free to sign up for my Collector’s Circle for a chance to win, click here:

P.S. If you are truly struggling with depression (as many are this year) I recommend the therapy app BetterHelp. I used it all year and it was wonderful.

Love in Light, Kelli

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