Are you inspiration poor? How to open the flood gates of abundance by giving to yourself every day.

How often do you give to yourself? Seriously. Stop and think about it. When’s the last time you gave something to yourself? 

Sometimes It doesn’t have to be anything that costs a lot of money either. When’s the last time you gave yourself time alone? A walk in the park, a glass of wine in the garden smelling the flowers, a nap, or a bubble bath. 

Other times you will be required to spend money and perhaps even scary money to make way for abundance in your life. 

As an artist I’ve learned that creation and inspiration only comes when I give to myself. 

To create is really just allowing yourself to be open to receive. And you are both the receiver and the giver. You’re the receiver ultimately from nature, but you’re the one that has to give it to yourself. 

If you’re stifled, in a rut, without creative energies, and without abundance, the remedy is giving to yourself. Don’t be stingy! Listen to that voice inside. 

Because I was raised so poorly with very depression style frugal parents, I understand how difficult it can be. Almost everything we owned was someone else’s throw-aways. We literally scavenged dumpsters for furniture, even clothes. We wore clothes to school that didn’t fit and weren’t our age because they were a nickel and not five dollars. 

I’m not shaming frugality. It has its time and place. But art is about abundance. So if you’re stingy then you’re art will be dried up and stingy too. 

The level of inspiration you receive matches the level you’ll give to yourself. 

I’m so attuned to the voice of abundance now, that when I hear it I know I better listen. Because when I do the doors open up and a flood of massive beauty and inspiration washes over me! Literally bringing me to tears with gratitude. 

It starts with opening up to desire. What do you love? For me, often I’ll go to Pinterest and just lavish beautiful images on myself. I’ll dream of my future garden in France. I’ll soak in the beautiful paintings of other artists. Loving all the colors, textures, and patterns. This gift is free and it sparks my creative desire. 

Last week after I did this. I decided to order some beautiful flowers online. I was looking for another type of flower, but then saw this stunning bouquet of Ranunculus from the White Flower Farm in Connecticut. I knew instantly that I must paint these flowers! 

The price was high for me. Most of the time I get my flowers from the local grocery store for much less. But I knew these were special! You know it when you know it. Am I right? 

Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed. I painted one of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever painted. After it was done I cried joyful tears of gratitude for the amazing experience and luxurious beauty. 

I know that this painting will go on to give someone the same feeling when it’s hanging on their walls. 

You see whatever you put into your work will be felt by the viewer. So if you want to touch more people with your work you must start with yourself. You must value yourself more and give to yourself more freely. 

I’ll leave you with this quote to ponder: 

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune in to.“

-Wayne Dyer  

P.S. I’ll be revealing my new Spring Series next Friday in my upcoming spring sale. Mark your calendars to see these beauties for the first time! 

Love in Light, Kelli

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I grew up like this too. Now I need to clear a path to my easel and paint.

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