The equation for success with your art is: Courage + Celebration = Confidence

Start today with these two tools you need to work through resistance!

Here I am at my 10 year anniversary as a full time artist – yay me – I freaking rock!

I often get asked how I have so much confidence. 

Looking back over the last ten years, at the struggles, the victories, and progress, it’s become clear to me what creates confidence and success. 

I’m so excited to share it with you because I believe it’s 100% possible for you too! Nothing makes me happier than seeing you reach your goals and full potential too! Why? 

Because that’s why we’re here on this earth- to transform and to transmute pain and fear in courage and love. 

But here’s the struggle we all have: We want to stay where we are and move forward. We want what we already have, but also what we don’t have. Oh boy, that shit don’t work. Trust me I’ve tried to make it work and we both know it don’t. 

 The reason why most people never reach their full potential and success is because it takes effort to grow and it’s scary. You see, our human brain wants comfort, pleasure and certainty. It also wants to avoid pain and risk – two things that are required in order to be courageous. 

Courage isn’t a reaction such as running away from a tiger that’s about to eat you. Courage is a planned and practiced ACTION that you take regularly. Webster’s dictionary defines courage as:  mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

One thing I know for sure is that you can’t stay where you are, have what you have right now, be the same person with the same habits and actions AND GROW. It’s impossible! 

You have a choice to make. Keep what I have right now OR growth, but you can’t have both

I see it all the time people refusing to let go of their limiting beliefs. Refusing to let go of situations that really aren’t serving them, but they’re comfortable and they’re scared to go into the unknown and find a new situation that will serve them better. So they stay STUCK. 

This is not a negotiation. This is a law of life. You have two choices: stay where you are OR change to grow.  You know what you need to change, but you’re scared to. Maybe you’ve tried to change it sooo many times and failed. So what! Are you dead yet? No. Then keep trying! 

So what do you really really want? And who do you have to become in order to get it? Write it down now and start working on one thing at a time. 

Okay, so here’s the other part of the success equation that often gets overlooked. That is CELEBRATION! Celebrating and rewarding yourself for all that hard scary effort on the regular is a requirement to succeed. 

Why is that? Because it fuels your tank. Listen no one can just grind it out 24-7 going from scary challenge to scary challenge without rest and reflection. Every time you work through resistance and show up at the easel – CELEBRATE that! But what tends to happen is we think, “That’s what I’m supposed to be doing anyway. So I can’t celebrate that.” 

Often I see artists saving their kudos and celebrations only for the big wins. But the truth is it’s all those little tiny wins won in private that lead to those big wins. 

It’s accumulative like interest compounding slowly over time. In the beginning, it’s MASSIVE effort and small growth, but over time the effort becomes easier and the growth bigger. If you don’t get in the practice of celebrating and rewarding yourself then you’ll burn out, get fed up, quit, lose focus, lose commitment, lose inspiration. (Trust me I’ve learned this the hard way.)

You need that focus, energy, and fortitude to work through the next resistance and effort you’ll have to make. When you don’t take a moment to drink it in and thank yourself for your effort you’re going into the next battle weaker. 

Please celebrate yourself for doing the hard things no matter how small they may seem because bigger victories are on the way. 

For me I’m celebrating 10 years of doing the hard things! I’m celebrating: 

  • Pushing ahead after failed paintings
  • Working through resistance and fear every single day 
  • Putting myself out there consistently
  • Developing better habits little by little every day for 10 years 
  • Leaving unfulfilling situations like the gallery system to reach my dharma 
  • Learning to love myself with all my flaws 
  • Getting freaking killer skills in my artwork! 
  • Becoming a champion of other artists and helping them succeed
  • My ability to adapt, my humility to serve, my love and commitment to my students
  • Facing every resistance and obstacle in building a business
  • Having courage to share my beliefs with others and breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Sustained many rejections, criticisms, and wounds along the way and not losing my fire.

What can you celebrate today? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Love in Light, Kelli

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