Here’s why I love painting peonies. New peony art fresh off the easel!

Last week I was in peony heaven! I have to say there’s nothing quite like being immersed in beautiful peonies for an entire week. To me it’s always proof of how healing beauty can be. Add on top of that the added healing benefit of creativity as an artist and it really is like you’re living in heaven on earth. 

I created three peony paintings last week. Each one individual and special in its own way. I hate to repeat myself in my art and I’m always seeking new ways of looking at the same subject. That’s why each of my paintings is a true original. I love going back through my paintings over the last ten years and seeing that each painting was an expression of where I was and where I am. It’s like having a visual diary. 

I never fear letting go of a painting because I always have a record of it. For me, I have no attachment to the physical end result of a painting.The more important aspect is the experience that I get to have creating it. Every painting is both a record of the human being I am in that exact moment as well as a transformative experience to who I am becoming. So in this way every painting is a self portrait. It’s also a reflection of the gift of beauty I want to deliver to you so that you too can be transformed by it. 

An oil painting of white peonies in old crockery

I painted my first peony painting in 2014, three years after I graduated from art school. Before then I was too terrified to attempt them. But I finally got up the nerve and attempted a very simple peony arrangement. Since then I’ve never looked back. They are such a difficult flower to paint, but oh so satisfying to attempt to capture their beauty. 

The benefit of doing the things that scare you the most is that you get to build up courage. It’s not so much about the thing you’re trying to create as much as it is about you growing as a person or artist. 

So after seven years of practicing peonies every season, I’m passing on all that I’ve learned about painting them to you both in my artwork and in my teaching. I’ve just filmed a brand new MasterClass series on these peonies and it will be available for release June 11th! 

In the meantime, don’t wait on me to attempt peonies. Order some of these magnificent flowers and give it your best shot! 

A photograph of Asian Peonies in a vase

If you’re ready to enjoy these beauties all year round in your home then my two brand new peony paintings are available for purchase here on the website. Lush Peonies in Antique Brass is a classic old world light and shadow piece and a large statement size of 25”x31” framed.  In Asian Peonies, I wanted to pay homage to the original birthplace of the peony in Asia. This painting is definitely a one of a kind with its Asian inspired background and deep rich ruby red peonies. This size can really go anywhere in your home. Not too big and not too small at 19”x23” framed. 

You can choose your frame before you check out or a payment plan. Friendly reminder that you also receive free shipping, framing, and a special signed collector’s book of my artwork featuring my best floral pieces. 

P.S. We’ll be painting a peony painting in my next online workshop:

Love in Light, Kelli

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