“30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting”

A few months ago, I celebrated a HUGE accomplishment. Something my younger self would have never imagined I’d do.

Front cover image of the book 30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting

I released my first book, “30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting.

I want to thank each and every one of you who celebrated this monumental moment with me. The book became an Amazon Best Seller shortly after its release, and I am forever grateful for everyone who helped make my first book become such a success!

I decided to write this book because of the many requests I have received from my students over the years. I’ve hesitated to write a book about still life painting because there are already so many good ones available. I’ve learned so much from Gregg Kreutz’s Problem Solving for Oil Painters and David A. Leffel’s A Master Teaches. These books were like my Bible when I was in art school and saved my hide many times when I was struggling with a painting.  These two modern masters are my art heroes. I hope to honor them by following in their footsteps and upholding the level of beauty and quality of instruction we all strive for.

My hope is that this book will serve the same purpose for you on your art journey.

Let me first tell you a little bit about me. I’m a Texas and Oklahoma girl who came from nothing. I had no art instruction growing up and no real examples of artists around me. Yet out of some strange quirk of fate I always had a desire to create and a distaste for the ugly, violent, and mundane.  I refused to eat bologna sandwiches and as soon as I got my hands on a gourmet cookbook, I wanted to make all the beautiful meals I saw inside. My mom always said I had champagne taste on a beer budget. These qualities also taught me to be resourceful and I’m grateful for that. 

A photograph of a woman (Kelli Folsom) stood next to an oil painting

I started drawing at a young age. When I won my first award for a coloring of my Nannie and Papa’s farm in the second grade I was hooked. I would continue to love anything to do with drawing, painting, and creating through my teenage years. However, without any real art instruction or guidance, I eventually gave up making art. I had no idea that a future for me in art was possible. The next ten years that followed were filled with events and jobs that left me unfulfilled. I always felt that nothing was ever the right fit for me and each new venture was dissatisfying.

Out of this intense dissatisfaction came a desire to find what it was that I was supposed to be. 

I was twenty-eight when I finally decided I had to be an artist. Although I thought I was too old to embark on this adventure, I enrolled in art school in Old Lyme, Connecticut. I had no clue what would come of it and unfortunately didn’t have high expectations for myself. But when I touched oil paint on the first day, I fell in love. How could a material be so alive, so magical? After all, it was just dirt suspended in oil.  Then came my introduction to art history. My soul came to life studying the works of Rembrandt, Rubens, Velasquez, Turner, Sorolla and Sargent. I had no idea such magnificence existed or could be created by humanity. As my love story deepened, so did my resolve and ideals. 

I struggled over the next four years of school to come even close to the same level of beauty, but it was a challenge I knew I was willing to accept for the rest of my life. I would rather fall short of these ideals than to not participate at all. Victories in the studio were hard won. I know what it’s like to have the desire to create but feel like the teacher is speaking some incomprehensible language, leaving you bewildered.  What I discovered was that learning how to paint is possible even if daunting and difficult and surprisingly simpler than I originally thought.

My goal as a teacher is to share what I’ve learned in my own words and ways so that even a beginner (like I once was) will understand. 

When you go through this book, I hope you feel the blood, sweat, and passion I put into creating it for you. I truly hope it helps you to create more masterful still life paintings (or any painting for that matter) because this world needs more beauty in it if we are to thrive. 

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy, click the button below to purchase it now and begin painting!

P.S. If you missed celebrating with me at my New eBook Launch Party, you can catch the replay and get a sneak peek at the book here: https://fb.watch/600EHMsH3W/

Love in Light, Kelli

4 thoughts on ““30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting”

  1. Hi Garry! So happy you have enjoyed the youtube videos, and thank you for your support in purchasing my book! I appreciate your suggestion 🙂

  2. Hi Kelli,
    I really love your Still Life works; have eagerly watched your YouTube videos and have purchased your book 30 ways to Master Still Life from Amazon. However, I am an old fashioned type of guy and much prefer actual books in print as a hardcopy (somehow I find them easier and more satisfying to read). Like previous reviews and comments I urge you to please have your ebook printed in traditional manner if at all possible. Best Wishes.

  3. Hi Kelli, I really love your work and was so looking forward to purchasing your book. I was so disappointed when I went on Amazon and saw that it is only available as a download. Does that mean that it is not available as a hard copy?

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