Announcing the brand new Art Life Conversations Podcast!

Check it out now for instant inspiration.

Hello, my art friends,

I have something BRAND NEW for you!

I am proud to announce my new Art Life Conversations Podcast!

First off, I totally missed writing my blog post last week. It was pretty bizarre. I woke up Thursday morning and realized my blog post hadn’t been written. It was like I got sucked into a time warp. It’s July. It’s hot! Everyone’s traveling. Seems like everything and everyone is a bit wonky this month.

Podcast cover art for Art Life Conversations with Kelli Folsom

I had family in town for a visit and it threw me so far off my regular schedule that it took me several days just to remember who I am. Can you relate?

Goes to show you that you can’t be perfect and on your game all the time. That’s the natural ebb and flow of life. Am I right?

But we need the ebbs even though they feel like we’re not accomplishing much or even that we’re going backward. Sometimes we may actually go a little backward for a bit, but I find that’s always followed later by flow.

Like pruning a rose bush. It’s painful, ugly, and it takes patience while it grows back. But when it does it’s more glorious than before.

The bigger the prune, the bigger the new growth!

All of that was on my mind this morning.

The real reason I’m writing this today is to celebrate and announce something brand new I’m doing for you!

Yep, yet another new thing Kelli’s doing. And I’ll never stop doing new things. It’s just too much fun.

So, what is it?

It’s official! I’ve created a brand new podcast to talk about all things art life! It’s called: Art Life Conversations with Kelli

For a long time, I’ve wanted to offer some way of talking about art beyond technique since there’s SO much more to being an artist than just building our skillset. I had so much fun recording the first few episodes.

This is one more way I hope to help you on your art life journey.

Join my weekly podcast for some inspiration, laughs, and kicks in the art butt.

Where can you listen?
Click here to subscribe and listen:

Click here to watch it on Youtube:

So hop over to one of those and subscribe so you don’t miss a single one! I’ll be releasing a new episode each Tuesday.

Got ideas for topics you’d like me to cover? Let me know in the comments below.

Love in Light, Kelli

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