Top 10 Reasons Why Studying Art Online is the Best Way to Develop the Exact Customized Painting Skills you Want!

I’ve discovered that studying art online is the BEST way to develop the exact customized painting skills you want, and you can do just that starting TODAY!

The pandemic in 2020 was awful and horrendous to say the least. One very small upside to it was seeing how artists and students pivoted to keep their art education going.

When I started teaching online in 2018, I wondered if online teaching could be as good as in-person teaching for the student. After three years of teaching online, I found that it could actually be better for the student!

Here’s my top 10 reasons why studying online is better than in-person classes.

1. Time– It saves time! Time is our most precious commodity these days. With online learning, you don’t have to lug your stuff to class back and forth. You can paint in your home. Sometimes just loading up your gear and traveling back and forth to the class takes more time than what you spent painting!

2Convenience– You can paint on YOUR time! Feel like painting at midnight? Great! You can watch any lesson anytime and from anywhere in the world. It’s awesome.

3. Customization– Now more than ever we can customize what we want to learn about. Want to buckle down and solve how to paint copper or roses? Great! You can binge-watch any topic out of the hundreds of videos all day if you want.

4.Privacy– Don’t want to deal with other students peering over your shoulder and making weird comments or offering unsolicited advice on your painting? Great! You paint in private and only share your results if you feel like it.

5.Economical – Don’t have a huge budget to spend? Great. Most online classes are very affordable these days. My online class is only $50 a month vs. hundreds or thousands of dollars for an in-person workshop, class, or college education. Yet, you get SO much instruction in my online class.

6.Control– You can go at your own pace online. Make the instructor go as slow or fast as you want! In the video, you can go slow as a turtle or fast as a hare using the settings. You can paint as many paintings as you want or as few as you want. Watch any lesson on your phone while you wait on your to-go order instead of wasting time on social media or playing a silly phone game. You can also cast it to your big screen TV so you can see every detail in HD.

7.Focus– Keepin’ it real here y’all, in-person classes can be filled with distractions from other people. Someone’s talking too much, their headphones are too loud, they won’t stop coughing. Now you can learn and paint without those distractions. Simply ask your question in the private group and get a response.

8Convenience – Easy access to instruction no matter where you live in the world. Since art hasn’t made a mainstream comeback yet beyond the wine and palette night out, most communities don’t have art classes for adults available. If they do they’re generally not that high quality of instruction and don’t focus on traditional representational art. Especially if you’re not in a major city. With online instruction, you can find EXACTLY what appeals to you.

9. Quality Teachers- With so many art classes online now, you can find a teacher or multiple teachers that appeal to you. I know most in-person community classes I took (heck even my college ones) were taught by instructors who didn’t seem to care. They’d drag themselves in the class with a cup of coffee and zero enthusiasm and energy for teaching the students. A lot of them were egomaniacs to boot. Now with online, we don’t have to put up with that! There’s a lot of great teachers online now (like myself) that have a huge passion for teaching and are committed to helping their students reach the top!

10.Build Relationships– Finally, one of my favorite things is how we can build relationships with other artists around the country or globe through online instruction. This is critical especially for artists who don’t have a strong art community where they live. Not all online classes offer a community, but the ones that do are a big bonus for the artists enrolled! I know in VITAL Art Sessions I’ve seen some deep friendships form over the years. With a larger active community like VITAL, you can find other artists who you have a lot in common with- and maybe even live within driving distance. That kind of support and networking for artists is irreplaceable. Contrary to popular belief you CAN build lasting relationships online!

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Love in Light, Kelli

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