The number one easy way to increase your capacity to have more of anything you want!

How much do you allow yourself to have?

I’m not just asking about money or things. Though that’s part of it too. I’m also asking: What’s your capacity to have joy, peace of mind, creativity, recognition, support, beauty, love, intimacy, fun, or admiration?

An oil painting of a still life composition of fruits and a jar

It’s amazing how much we can cut ourselves off from having the good things in life! Most of us have thoughts, habits, and beliefs that limit our quality of life. We’re not even aware of them. This has been a huge learning curve for me too and I’m still learning. Listen to me, this is HUGE.

Ask yourself one question every day like, “How can I increase my capacity to have (fill in the blank)?”

I’ve learned to stop thinking that everything just is the way it is. That life is happening to me outside of me. No, life is happening in you and from you. From YOU! Did you know that asking a simple question every day like the one above can change your life and make it 100% better?

I challenge you to try it. Pick one thing that you’d like to have more of and ask yourself that question. Let’s take joy for example:

How can I increase my capacity to have more joy?

What would you need to do, think, or change to have more joy? Maybe you would find more things to laugh at, spend more time with that friend or family member that makes you laugh. Maybe you would spend more time in nature, or dance to your favorite music. Maybe you’d play with playdoh or finger paint. Whatever it is, I’m sure you have the capacity to have more joy and there’s a way to do it.

How about more beauty:

What do you need to do to increase your capacity for more beauty in your life? Look around you. Is your home filled with beauty? Do you need an indoor plant or some flowers, art books, better dishes? Maybe you need to clean and declutter your space. What’s on your walls? Do you have beautiful art that inspires you or is it stuff that was cheap or handed down to you that you now ignore? I’m not saying you have to do everything all at once. Pick one thing today that would increase your capacity for more beauty and do it!

A photograph of Kelli Folsom in a red dress sitting on green grass.

Look at you. Do you need new clothes or better-fitting clothes? Do you need a haircut? Heck, do you need a full makeover? If you loved yourself more, how could you feel more beautiful?

Recently, I had some new photos taken. I hired a new branding specialist and I decided I needed some new updated photos for my website. I couldn’t allow myself to do a photo shoot without it being tied to my business because my capacity to feel more beautiful just for the sake of feeling beautiful was somehow shameful to me. So I had to have a “legitimate” reason to pamper myself like that.

So a girl came over and did my hair and makeup. I told her I wanted to look like young Kathryn Hepburn who’s an icon of mine. Then the photographer came over and we spent three hours together taking photos of me with my art. Then we went to the botanical gardens and took shots there. I realized I hadn’t had professional photos taken since high school. That’s over twenty years ago!

I felt so beautiful and wonderful. It was the best gift I could have given myself. My confidence and self-love shot through the roof. Now, I know I don’t need a legitimate reason- the legitimate reason is to feel beautiful and good about myself. (I mean come on, look at these amazing shots of me!)

How about your capacity to learn? Can you increase your capacity to learn today?

I have a new podcast coming out next week called Art Life Conversations. In the very first podcast, I talk about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable learning. To increase our capacity to learn we might need to sign up for a class, silence our inner critic, and tell the ego to take a back seat. Maybe you can try something new today like learning a new language or picking up a book on a topic you want to learn about.

I work with a lot of artists on the business side of art and many of them get afraid to learn things around technology. So maybe you need to learn how to post better on Instagram to expand your reach or how to build your email list. You can go to a learning site like and find an affordable course to learn something new today.

Maybe you want to learn how to paint? Well, you’re in the right place for that already with me. So if you want to increase your capacity to learn this week then I invite you to study with me online. We’re having open enrollment starting July 1st! It’s super affordable and easy to get started.

Some artists want to hide and do their art in private. They get scared to stretch and grow. They seek the refuge of the self-taught because it’s comfortable to them. One thing I know for sure is that if you want to learn you have to get out of your comfort zone and sign up for a class. It was the very first thing I did when I decided to get serious about my art.

Okay, my friends! Please pick one thing you want to increase your capacity to have. Now make one small change towards that TODAY. Because life is too short not to enjoy it to the fullest and reach your full potential.

Learn more about joining VITAL Art Sessions here:

Open Enrollment begins July 1st!

Love in Light, Kelli

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