Are you ready to take courageous baby steps towards doubling your art sales online using Instagram or Facebook? (Organically, without paid advertising).

Let’s talk courage. Do you have it?

One thing I’ve learned for sure over the last 10 years of trying to make a living as an artist is that it takes courage. Every day. Courage to bet on yourself every day. And every time you do that it’s like depositing money in the bank of your future self. When you show up courageously, when you stop hiding, you begin to see your art dreams become a reality.

Yes, that’s right, your art dreams become reality.

An oil paintings of pink and white peonies in a dark vase

We start with baby steps of courage. By the way, can we talk about baby steps? Seems to me that this phrase has taken on a connotation that baby steps are small and easy. But baby steps are HUGE. They’re the hardest ones to take because we’re not used to taking them.

A few weeks ago I watched my nephew taking some of his early baby steps. It opened my eyes to how courageous baby steps really are. He had built up his strength by crawling first. Then he got tired of not being able to reach things. He got tired of not being able to catch the cat. He started to notice everyone else was walking and probably thought, “Why can’t I?”

We’re also like him when we start to take these courageous baby steps. We wobble, we’re off-balance, we fall down, we don’t know how to do it “right” yet, we bonk our head on the table of life and cry. The problem is as adults we think we should be able to climb to the top of the mountain before we even know how to take baby steps. It’s not possible. It’s the law of growth.

An oil painting of pink roses and green leaves

But after you take enough baby steps, you get momentum. You start to run, you start to jump, leap, and climb. Before long you even figure out how to grow wings and you start flying! That’s where we all want to be – flying high. But unfortunately, you can’t bypass baby steps and go straight to flying. The only way to make the swift, sweeping strides of flying is by first taking wobbly, uncomfortable, and unknown baby steps.

This week I’ve been talking with artists about getting up the courage to take those baby steps when it comes to selling their artwork online. We’ve had some amazing conversations about it in my live videos on my Facebook page. (If you’re interested in chiming in on some of those convos then hop over to my page here and check them out.)

What I’ve learned is that many artists are scared and don’t have the courage to take those baby steps towards selling their artwork online. They’re confused about what baby steps to take. They want to do it “right” the first time. They want all the right answers because this online world is so vast and filled with so many different options that it gets confusing to know what to do.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with! I’ve worked and invested in my own business education over the last 5 years to try it ALL- lol. I’ve taken just about every business course for artists available out there and spent about $20,000 doing so. A lot of the things I tried and learned didn’t work. BUT a few simple things did work! Using these few things, I’ve built enough momentum over the last 3 years that resulted in selling 75k of my art last year. Online only. No in-person or gallery sales.

So I’ve taken those few simple things that I DO that get me the MOST profitable results and I’m giving those to you.

There are only a few simple things that you need to do in order to double your painting sales online – organically without paid advertising. In my new course, Double Your Painting Sales Online, I give you those few simple things so you can be a much more profitable, successful, and fulfilled artist.

I’m only taking 25 artists in this new course that begins July 1st. The course is now sold out but you can get on the waitlist to get first notice on when open enrollment opens up again. When it does, you’ll get access to ALL the content in the course and you can go at your own pace through each module- fast or slow. It’s up to you. Plus you get lifetime access to the course to revisit as needed.

If you’re ready to take those first courageous baby steps towards selling more of your art online then go here to explore the course and sign up for the waiting list:

Love in Light, Kelli

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